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Trace is an independent building consultancy that can offer acoustic advice as part our services. Experts in architectural and environmental acoustics, Trace will help you assess and minimise the impact of noise and vibration in and around your building. We also support you to meet your acoustics compliance requirements. Trace is a one-stop solution to all your building acoustic consultancy needs. We would be happy to assist with the full range of acoustic consultancy services throughout the entire Architectural RIBA Stages 1-7 (Preparation and Briefing, Concept Design, Spatial Coordination, Technical Design, Manufacturing and Construction, Handover, Use).


Most buildings whether they are single houses, multi-storey residential or commercial, an industrial unit or even the installation of an external plant item may need acoustic (noise and vibration) consultancy services as part of their planning stages. This occurs before the building is even built. Often this needs to be shown to the planning department for compliance with various British and/or Governmental Standards.

Design and Detail Design

Once a project has gone through the various concept and planning processes. The “nitty-gritty” of the design needs to be finalised. Trace can assist you with this ensuring that the acoustic design of your building whether school, house, residential or commercial tower block, or property meets the relevant acoustic requirements. We’ll ensure that you have the correct specification for the walls, ceilings and floors and that noise from your building services (air conditioning, lifts, ventilation etc) meets the design. If needed, we will also provide you with the remedial advice to make sure the acoustics works.


At Trace we understand that project construction values can escalate, so that the customer (whether that be the end user, developer, or contractor) sometimes needs to tighten their belt and save as much as possible whilst ensuring that the quality of the construction does not drop. We also know, from experience, that the acoustic design and specification for projects may change from the initial stages. Whether that be due to changes in the design or over specification, we want to help. Trace recognises that overspecification for acoustics can be costly OR that missing something out from acoustics may also lead to unaccounted cost. We’ll be able to review the design and suggest areas where over-specification may result in significant savings. We’ll also be happy to review and highlight areas where items may have been missed out acoustically and leave the client at potential risk.

Construction Phase

Once on-site Trace will be by your side. We’ll be able to provide you support during the building process monitoring construction at key points during the development and inputting into the acoustic design if needed. We’re also able to provide you full support with on-site noise, dust and vibration monitoring (which councils often ask for at the boundaries of sites), providing real-time access to the noise, dust and vibration levels at sites triggering text/email alerts (in accordance with relevant Section 61 requirements).

Compliance and Testing

After the completion of a project, acoustic testing and commissioning is often required to check if the quality of the construction has met the required acoustic requirements. This could be to show compliance to the Local Authority, Building Control and/or client. Trace supports you through the entire process enabling as smooth as possible from completion to hand-over.

Diagnostics and Remedial Advice

Sometimes problems occur in buildings after handover is taken place whilst the end user has moved in and is fully occupied. Supported by our building consultancy and defects division we can help you to diagnose problems and advise on the solutions required. Whether that be sound proofing between internal partitions, noise control from ventilation units

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