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Damp Diagnosis

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Damp Diagnosis

Understanding the cause of damp in buildings is one of the most common problems that property owners and professionals face. Water or moisture can be introduced into a structure through a vast range of possible sources. The key to being able to being able to diagnose the fault is to understand the range of water sources and be able to test for them. Our extensive knowledge of building envelopes, environments and plumbing systems coupled with our unrivalled range of test methods makes Trace Surveys the industry leader in this field. Our service gives customers an impartial and unbiased diagnosis. By understanding the root cause of the problem, we can advise customers on the appropriate remedial solutions.

Surveys to diagnose causes of damp will be structured around the symptoms that the property presents. The techniques which are most commonly employed to diagnose damp are listed below.

Moisture Analysis

By measuring saturation levels we can often identify water sources by tracing them to the areas where we get the highest moisture readings.

Pipework Leak Detection

Trace Surveys have the very latest and innovative techniques to trace pipe locations and locate leaks.

Roof, façade and basement Leak Detection

We have techniques to locate leaks on virtually any element of your building envelope.

Condensation risk analysis

We use the latest software to assess condensation risk in structures. All calculations are in accordance with the latest BS5250:2002 and BS EN ISO 13788:2002 standards.

Chemical source analysis of water and building materials

Our test methods look for chemical and microbiological markers which give us good indications for the source of collected water samples.

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