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Heat Loss Analysis

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Heat Loss Analysis

Energy losses from buildings not only cost money, they can also make it very difficult to maintain internal comfort levels.

Thermography is an excellent tool for quickly identifying passive energy losses in buildings. We can also examine energy losses through air leakage. By using specialist door fans we can increase or decrease air pressures inside buildings in order to encourage airflow through the leakage paths. Airflow through the building envelope will influence subtle temperature changes in the materials where air is leaking. We can see this effect on a Thermal Image and demonstrate exactly where the energy losses are occurring. We can even introduce a visual medium such as smoke to show customers how the air leakage and energy losses are occurring.

By understanding how energy loss is occurring through a building envelope, we can help clients to effectively reduce their energy losses and maintain a desired internal environmental condition.


These images show heat loss through a roof through missing insulation

This Infra-Red image shows the cooling effect of air leakage around a window. The air pressure inside the building was reduced to help us observe this issue

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