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Sound Insulation Testing

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Sound Insulation Testing

Sound insulation testing has been a mandatory component of UK Building Regulations (Approved Document E) for the last two decades. This is relevant for residential, new build houses or flats, converted residential dwellings, and rooms for residential purposes (such as student accommodation, hostels, hotels, residential care homes etc.). The document (along side Building Bulletin 93) also covers the acoustic design requirements Schools.

Testing ensures that a building demonstrates the required level of airborne sound insulation (sound transmitted through air, such as TV noise, speaking, radio etc) and impact sound insulation (noise transmitted via the structure of a building such as walking, jumping, bouncing ball).

A failed sound insulation test can be devastating for your project. We understand the importance of your sound insulation certificate and can also provide you with recommendations that will ensure you fully comply with Part E of the Building Regulations for England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Acoustic consultants at Trace are experts in our fields and we are not “just” testers. So alongside the mandatory testing side of the project, we can also help you diagnose any acoustic or soundproofing issues you may have. We’ll assess the property to gain an initial impression of the structure and learn about the building’s sound insulation performance. We will review your construction details and compare them with our survey findings.

Trace Surveys offers cost-effective packages for Sound insulation testing especially when the testing is part of our full consultancy and testing package.

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