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Air Permeability

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Air Tightness Testing

Air Permeability Testing in accordance with Part L of the Building Regulations

Our technicians can carry out air permeability testing on any size of structure, zone within that structure or ducted system. All testing is carried out in accordance with current BS EN 13829 standards.

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What is air permeability tightness pressure testing?

Air permeability tightness pressure testing is a method of measuring and quantifying the air leakage of a building. Too much air leakage leads to heat loss resulting in higher C02 emissions. Reducing C02 emissions is the purpose of ‘Part L’ of the new building regulations through air tightness testing, air leakage testing and air permeability testing.

Why test for air tightness pressure?

For all new domestic housing a proportion must be Air pressure tested  as required in accordance with the guidance given in Part L1A – Conservation of fuel and power in new dwellings of the Building Regulations. Testing the air tightness of existing dwellings can highlight areas of problems that can be treated cost effectively to improve the energy efficiency of the dwelling as a whole.




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