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Spray Bar Testing

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Spray Bar Testing (Compliance)

  • Trace Surveys carry out Spray Bar Testing for construction phase compliance. We carry out testing as per the European Standard BS EN 13051: 2001 and NHBC Standards 2011 Chapter 6.9 S12. We can also test in accordance with ASTM International Standards.
  • Spray Bar Testing is done to test open-jointed systems such as façade elements and rainscreens that have opening joints such as unsealed patent glazing, cladding, opening lights or smoke vents and doors. It enables the designer to assess how water flows around penetrations and through systems.
  • This test is designed to see how water spray interacts with the face of a cladding system. It is useful to determine water flow around penetrations through systems – a penetration may re-route the run-off on to a drainage opening or possibly on to a joint.

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