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Odour Investigations

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Odour Investigations

Odour issues in buildings are a common complaint with occupants. The issues with smell are often intermittent and are regularly not identifiable or difficult to associate with common odours.

Odour is essentially carried by air as it moves through the building. Air movement will be influenced by pressure differentials or temperature differentials. Survey methodology will vary depending on the construction of the building and the type and frequency of the odour being investigated. If you have an issue with odour affecting a building we suggest giving us a call to discuss the symptoms so that we can work out a strategy for diagnosis.

The following images give a few examples of some of the techniques that we use for diagnosis.

We measure air pressure differentials to help determine direction of air flow through a building. When we have an understanding of direction of air flow, this helps us work out where odours are originating.

Smoke or gas testing – Once a source is known, we can use inert gasses or smoke to work out the exact path that an odour is taking.

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