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Heating Leak Detection

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Leak Detection

Heating Leak Detection

Leaks in heating systems are actually quite a common problem. Corroded pipes, failed couplings, rodent damage and even faulty materials are some of the most common causes of leaks that we come across. The location of some leaks may be obvious but when they do not present themselves, Trace Surveys have several ways of pinpointing leaks non-destructively. We have successfully surveyed thousands of heating systems which range from small domestic to large commercial district systems.

Common Symptoms

  • Pressure loss in the heating system
  • Boiler stopping working
  • Tanks continually filling
  • Signs of damp in property
  • Increased water bills
  • Gurgling or increased noise from the heating
  • Radiators not heating properly

What happens in a survey?

After carrying out initial checks on your heating system, we will employ several different leak detection techniques to help us locate the problem. We use many different methods to help us confirm and re-confirm a leak location before any holes are dug.

Thermal imaging: Helps us identify the pipe locations and in some instances even see the leak location.

Acoustic Leak Detection: Ground microphones allow us to amplify leak noise and follow it to the leak location.

Moisture meters: Moisture meters measure non-destructively up to 300mm into surfaces. By assessing moisture levels in a structure, we can often identify the area where water is originating.

Trace Gas Leak Detection: This involves filling a system with an inert gas. The gas is pressurised and forced out of the leaks. Sensors which detect the gas are then used to locate the area where it is rising up through the floor.

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