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Data Logging

Our data loggers can remotely monitor a wide range of physical and environmental conditions. Most of our loggers can operate entirely independently and do not need connecting to power or telephone systems. Data is sent through the mobile networks and is viewable in our secure Web-Bureau. We routinely monitor the following conditions. If you need something monitoring that is not on the list, let us know and we will try to find a solution.

Structural Moisture Monitoring

Our loggers can measure and record temperature and humidity over time. This data can be used to monitor drying progress following flooding or to let contractors know when materials are dry enough to receive new floor finishes. They remove the guesswork from any drying or curing process and allow contractors to take a scientific approach to their work.

Condensation Analysis

We use loggers which allow us to show where and when condensation is occurring. We do this by simultaneously monitoring surface temperature, ambient temperature and ambient humidity. The point where the surface temperature drops below the dew point and condensation starts occurring can be demonstrated on a simple graph. This data is helpful in many ways.
  • Gives categorical proof that condensation is or is not occurring. If condensation is not the problem we can then propose alternative testing to determine causation.
  • Shows how the occupant activity can influence a condensation problem. This allows us to help occupants to understand how to ventilate and better manage their environment.

Dust, Noise and Vibration Monitoring for Building Sites.

These monitors give real time assessments of noise, dust and vibration on building sites. They will send alarm notifications if any limits are exceeded allowing modern contractors to ensure that they avoid costly disputes over the impact of their works.

Structural Monitoring

We offer crack and tilt monitoring for any structure. Our battery operated systems relay data to a secure Web-Bureau. The units can send alarm messages if pre-defined movement limits are exceeded. For Crack Monitoring, our Wireless Sensors can be equipped with 1 to 4 linear potentiometers. Spans from 25-250mm are possible although we can use String Points for longer distances. For tilt monitoring, our loggers measure on a dual axis. We offer a variety of Clinometers with a range of resolutions. The highest resolution is on a +/- 3° Span with an angular resolution of 0.05 arc seconds.

Vibration Monitoring

Our vibration monitoring system will capture any shock or vibration that exceeds pre-defined levels. If the levels are exceeded, alarm notifications will be sent out via text or email over the mobile network. The vibration data stored is visible on a secure Web-Bureau. There is no need for regular visits to site to collect data.

Fluid Depth

We can monitor fluid depth. These are most commonly used to monitor water ways and sewage system levels. They can also be used to determine leakage rates from tanks, pools or reservoirs.

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