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Air leakage, drafts, stack effect

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Defect Diagnosis

Air leakage, drafts and stack effect

Symptoms of air leakage are normally associated with poor comfort levels, high energy bills and even ingress of unwanted odours.
Trace Surveys offer a range of techniques which can pinpoint where air leakage is occurring. These usually include, but are not limited to, the following:

Thermal Imaging

Drafts which cause cooling or heating of the visible surfaces will be visible on a thermal image.


Ultrasonic waves are largely obstructed by solid building materials but will pass through air gaps. By generating ultrasound on one side of a leaky component, we can use an ultrasound detector to identify where the air leakage paths.


Allows us to assess minute pressure differentials. As air of a higher pressure will always travel to air of a lower pressure we can use this information to see how air is travelling through your building.

Blower Door

This is simply used to create a pressure differential in the affected room. Once the pressure differential is there we can identify where the leaks are by introducing smoke or seeing the effect of air moving over the surfaces through thermography.
Blower Door

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