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Building Compliance Testing

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Compliance Testing

Building Compliance Testing

We offer the following testing and compliance proofs. From one-off tests for home owners and self-builders, through to hundreds of tests on large-scale developments on behalf of national construction companies.

Air Tightness Testing

Air Permeability Testing in accordance with Part L of the Building Regulations

Condensation Risk Analysis

Condensation Risk Analysis service for buildings that are in design, construction or occupancy stage.

Membrane Leak Detection and Compliance Testing

Construction phase compliance testing of non-conductive membranes

Spray Bar Testing

Spray Bar Testing for construction phase compliance. Trace Surveys offers a full range of building testing services for compliance with building regulations Part L and Part E. New building developments in the UK need to meet building regulations for safety and energy standards. We can help with advice, support and compliance testing. The types of building compliance testing and assessments you’ll need to undertake will depend on whether the building is for commercial or domestic use. If you’re unsure of what building compliance calculations need to be done to ensure your building development meets regulations, contact us today.

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