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Air Tightness Testing

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Air Tightness Testing

Air Tightness Testing (AKA Air Permeability Testing Air Leakage Testing, Air Pressure testing) is the test to measure the rate at which air leaks through the external building fabric. It’s not only important to consider the air tightness to determine how energy efficient a building is, but it is also a mandatory component of Building Regulations in the UK since 2006.

Trace Surveys performs accredited Air Tightness Testing, and all our tests comply with the current standards.

Trace is able to provide Air Tightness testing for both Level 1 and Level 2 properties.

  • Level 1: For dwellings (or other non-residential premises) less than or equal to 4000 m2 gross envelope area.
  • Level 2: For (usually) commercial buildings greater than 4000 m2 gross envelope area.

Our experienced technicians can be mobilised at short notice, and we’ll work with client program. Trace will offer you the best chance of success, and hence will provide you advice on-site if an Air Tightness failed to meet requirements. If remedial works can be carried out on-site (expanding foam, silicon or caulk), then we will aim to re-test immediately to facilitate a successful outcome.

Trace Surveys offers cost-effective packages for Air Tightness Testing especially when the testing is part of our full consultancy and testing package.

For all your enquiries regarding Air Tightness Testing, reach out to us today!

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