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The Building Centre, London – Water dripping through ceiling
Symptom – Water had been dripping through the ceiling for several weeks. A kitchen and toilet were located above the drips but no visible leaks or damp was present in this area. Trace were contracted to identify the source of escaping water.
1. Thermography showed a large pooling of heat around one of the hot water pipes. CS1.1 post2 2. Some leak noise was audible through a ground mic which was connected to the hot water pipe post1 3. Trace gas was injected through the hot water pipe and we found this gas escaping from the pipe in the suspected leak location. post1
The site maintenance team were able to cut out the defective section of pipe, pull it out of the floor and introduce a new section of pipe through the floor without any need to breaking out the floor.
Internal Pipework Leak Detection

Symptom – Property recently developed visible signs of damp.  Insurers suspected that a leaking buried pipe was the cause.  Trace was asked to carry out a leak detection survey.


1. Pressure testing confirmed that the hot water pipework was leaking.

2. Thermal imaging showed a spread of heat in the pictured location.


3. Audible leak noise was present in the same location. Image shows a Ground Microphone over a suspected leak site.

Domestic Pipe Leak

Invasive inspection

The hot water service was exposed in the location where the results of thermal imaging and acoustic analysis indicated a leak.  Images show the excavation and the leak which was exposed.



The following image shows the repaired leak.